Can I make a great bbq brisket sandwich when it's too cold outside to fire-up the grill?
Absolutely! While most barbequed beef brisket sandwiches are the delicious result of low-temperature slow-smoked magic, you can easily achieve a great tasting sandwich by oven-roasting a flat-cut brisket dressed in either your favorite bbq sauce or the brisket's own savory juices (please see our kitchen's recipe below).

FYI, the brisket is to beef as the breast is to lamb or veal, although beef brisket is sold without the bone. The brisket offers a deliciously rich beefy flavor. It presents an even, though somewhat coarser grain than most cuts of beef, and it's an excellent choice for stew, a traditional alternative for pot roasting, and a staple in Texas-style chili. Slow-smoked bbq brisket typically starts with an untrimmed "packer's-cut", as is the case with most corned beef. Most recipes, however, specify a trimmed brisket, known as the "flat-cut".
Where does your beef come from?
They are all raised throughout the midwest corn belt. Each farmer has to maintain the standards of Aurora Angus beef.
Where does your pork come from?
It all comes in from local farmers out of Indiana.
Where does your lamb come from?
All the lamb we process is spring young lamb from Colorado.
Where does your veal come from?
Our Veal is milk fed from Provini Veal.
Where does your poultry come from?
They are Amish chickens from Miller Farms.
Is your meat organic?
No, we carry naturally raised meat without antibitics and without hormones.
Are there nitrites in your products?
Yes, but only in our smoked sausages and hams. Our fresh sausage does not.
Do you hand cut your meats or do they come pre-packaged?
All the cuts are done by our butchers on the premises.
Do you do custom cuts?
Yes, just call ahead and we cut to any specification you desire.
Can I place an order now for a future delivery date?
Yes, just let us know the dates and we will take care of that for you.
How is my order shipped?
All orders are shipped 2nd day air. If you are local, it will go ground and will arrive in 1 to 2 days.
What kind of packaging should I expect?
All orders are packed with ice packs in a 48hr. freezer box to ensure the quality of our products.
What are the shipping costs?
If you go to and click on ship (get rates and transit times), then type 60657 for our zip code and then type your zip code; add about 4 to 6lbs of weight to your order for packaging and you will get a quick estimate. Every order has a $7.50 handling charge plus tax.
What day will my order ship?
All orders go out Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
Can I track my shipment?
Yes, you will get an e-mail with a tracking number the day it ships.
Will FedEx leave my order if no one is home?
Yes but we don't tell them to. It is best if you are not home to have it shipped to your place of work or to a person you know will be there to accept it.